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Opal and Diamond Stacking Rings

Luminous opals and sparkling diamonds sat atop a stack of hand-forged and uniquely textured rings, each adorned with a mix of silver and 18ct gold granulation work.

These beautiful rings have been redesigned from a small collection of a customers preloved jewellery belonging to her mother and grandmother in the form of their wedding, engagement and tokens-of-love rings. Louisa had the pleasure of coming up with a design that would allow the customer to wear and enjoy these beautiful stones in a more contemporary and versatile design.

The stack was designed with 9 mixed metal bands ranging in 9ct, 18ct Gold and sterling silver. The style of the ring is so that the customer can mix and match the rings and split the stack across different fingers, or even enjoy wearing just a single band on its own. Alongside the stacking rings, Louisa was also commissioned to repurposed some preloved silver into some of  her previous designs, the Tectonic Bangle and Tectonic Midi Rings  which feature in her ‘Borderlines’ Collection.

There is nothing more precious then family heirlooms that hold so much history and love, and to be able to transform it into something new that can be celebrated and enjoyed, rather then kept away in a box for years is a special and transforming process.

If you are interested in having some preloved pieces of your own redesigns, please do get in contact. Perhaps you would like your wedding rings made from sentimental pieces you currently own..