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Bespoke Pink Sapphire and Aquamarine Glasses Chain

Handmade using delicate chain embellished with pink sapphires and ocean blue aquamarines, this bespoke glasses chain was commission by a customer looking for a luxury and eye-catching chord in which to hang her glasses. Incorporated into the design was a bespoke silver clasp which allows the wearer to transfer the glasses chord into a necklace, allowing her to enjoy it on the occasions  when she is not in need of her glasses.

Louisa chose these two stones not only for the beauty in their colour, but also the properties in which they represent: Aquamarines for clear vision, and Pink Sapphires for clear thinking- two important qualities to have attached to your glasses :) Each stone is set in silver and embellished with 24ct gold and fine silver (999) clusters.

For questions or interest in having your own bespoke chain designs, Louisa would love to hear from you!