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Aquamarine Cluster Ring

It is always so special to turn someones story-filled jewellery, collected over the years and no longer worn, into some new, beautiful and meaningful. (This Aquamarine ring might just be a favourite, yet!)

Made from a broken silver ring which the stone had fallen out of, and a beautiful/damaged pair of Aquamarine earrings, Louisa was given free-reign to redesign these pre-loved pieces of jewellery into something new and desirable. Re-using and repairing the silver ring shank, Louisa took one of the stones from the earring and constructed it a new setting, and adorned it with clusters and clusters of fine silver granules. Piecing the two parts together, a new and stunning design was created allowing the wearer to remember the stories and carry-on enjoying the pieces. 

If you have some preloved pieces of jewellery you would like redesigned by Louisa, please get in-touch!